How To Partition Your Computer’s Hard Disk Drive

Making a partition in your computer is basically allocating a portion out of your overall hard disk drive size to be an independent drive on its own. Ok, lets say you have total hard disk space of 500GB, normally we all know that it can’t necessarily be 500GB, it would most likely be a 465GB, well depending on the manufacturers. When you say you want to create a partition out of your 465GB HDD, you need to specify how much space you want to extract from the 465GB HDD and how much u want the new partition to be.
Here’s an easy-to-use that helps you do all the hard work and all you have to do is just seat back and input the figures.

Acronis Disk Director – With the following Key Features :
Merge two or more HDD partitions together.
Split one HDD partition to two or three.
Swap HDD partition support from FAT32 to NTFS and more.
Resize different HDD partitions.
Format partitions.
Hide partitions.
Fully supports Windows XP, Vista , 7 and 8.

Here’s a SnapShot of my Acronis Disk Director (FullScreen View)

Picture _ Taken by HyperSnap.

How To Partition Your Computer’s Hard Disk Drive

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