How to Take Screenshots of your Computer Screen

We all have gotten used to taken screenshots and snapshots with our mobile devices mostly with our Blackberry Mobile Devices with the advent of the ‘Munching’ initiative. Well a similar initiative was also incorporated in the Computing World some years ago, Although many individuals are not familiar with this development. Here’s a way you can achieve this through the use of a software called HyperSnap.

When talking about HyperSnap, we should not fail to say the following :

HyperSnap is the fastest when it comes to taking screen captures ranging from FullScreen, Pan Region, Active Window, Text Capturing is also available amongst many more features. It’s very easy to use, it employs a friendly interface for easy understanding.
It works on Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8. That is there are no compatability problems.
It has a modern ‘ribbon’ menu, toolbar look
Its a versatile software
It is capable of capturing multiple images at any angle as long as it your computer screen.
Has unlimited undo’s and redo’s. How cool is that?
and Much More!

Here’s a quick snapshot of my Laptop (FullScreen SnapShot)

How to Take Screenshots of your Computer Screen

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