How To Upload Files Easily from your Computer

You know uploading your personal files can be frustrating at some point in time, well it all depends on your internet connection. If you have a fast internet connection then you don’t have a problem, but for people like me who have slow internet connection we need this because sometimes you really need to get a particular file online, you have tried uploading at different online storage websites but all to no avail.

Try Dropbox.

Dropbox renders both free and premium services ranging from about 2GB –  100GB.
Files saved on dropbox automatically saves to your computer and also the internet.
Files are easily shared
With Dropbox you have no fire of losing important documents,pictures because all will be backed up on their secured server. So basically, using dropbox you are able to upload files easily, share easily and backup easily.

Here a SnapShot of my Dropbox (FullScreen View)

 Picture_ taken with HyperSnap


How To Upload Files Easily from your Computer

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