How to use any Game Pad to Play all PC Games

Generally i thought this problem of using Game Pad for PC Games have been solved but i still recieve complaints from my clients. So i decided o do a tutorial on it although there have been countless tutorials on it, some people don’t get it. Well, this is your lucky day, because tutorials at arotips are known for its simplicity and authenticity.
I personally uploaded the emulator i use to emulate Xbox Pad when paying PC Games, when i say PC Games i mean ALL PC GAMES. You are able to add Gamepad Support to the desired game of your choice. 

Steps :

Download Xbox Pad Emulator by PaULaRO(
Extract with password –
Read .txt files
Open Copy All folder

Copy ALL 5 items
Go to Where the installed game .exe file is located
Then, Paste

How to use any Game Pad to Play all PC Games

How to Install Windows Using Your Flash Drive

Gone are those days the installation of Windows (XP, Vista, 7 and 8) are done using CD/DVD through your CD/DVD Drive. Now there is a new innovation in place, well not that new but just that it’s not that common and it involves using your flash drive, pen drive, hard disk drive to install Windows on your PC.
This is the easiest way of installing Windows. Download Windows USB/DVD tool

Tools Needed: 
1. A 4GB Flash drive or Pen Drive (minimum)
2. The .ISO file of the operating system you want to install on your PC 
3. Basic Computer Knowledge
4. A Computer
Hint: Before you start anything. You would first of all need a flash drive or pen drive with capability of more than the ISO file you want to install. For example, when installing a Windows 7 ISO file which is 3.5Gb or more, you would need to use a flash drive more than 3.5Gb obviously!

Download the operating system’s ISO file you want to install
Install Windows USB/DVD tool
Run Windows USB/DVD tool as Administrator
Plug your flash drive or pen drive to your computer
Format it.

Locate the ISO file
Choose USB Device
WAIT …. Till it Completes

Note: .NET Framework v2 and higher is needed for this to work

How to Install Windows Using Your Flash Drive